3 Day Detox Plan That Cleanse your Body


Detoxification is a popular and an effective way to cleanse and purify the body to keep it working like brand new. An annual detoxification works wonders for the general well being of a person. Besides promoting health and wellness, detoxification eliminates water retention and helps shed off excess pounds. If you are looking for detoxification whether for weight loss or body cleansing, the 3 day detox diet would be the best way to start.

3-Day Detox

The 3 day detoxification is the best way to get rid of those toxins out of the body. The diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruits along with the consumption of lots of water. This process puts away toxins with the help of raw fruits and vegetables. In addition to this detox keeps the immune system working by producing more healthy cells.

Why 3 days?

Now you may be asking why a 3 days detox diet? This is a common questioned asked by people who are new to the detoxification. Basically a 3 day detox is the most conducive and appropriate way because it is short enough for someone who is still starting to detoxify and at the same time it is long enough to produce significant result.

Some people follow a short 24 hour detoxification, but most of the time this process falls short and doesn’t produce result. Furthermore, detoxification that takes too long can be difficult to follow and people give up along the way.

Additional Tips!

  • Exercise can help in the detoxification process, a long walk or a simple stretching will do. The goal in including a work out in the process is to help the body tissue elastic and pliant. This will also help mobilize the toxins in the body so that it’ll be easier to flush them out.
  • Follow the diet thoroughly. If the diet says only raw food for 3 days, then eat only raw fruits and vegetables. Following the process will ensure best results.
  • Pick a detoxification plan that won’t starve you. Detoxification should benefit you and it should not harm you in any way. It should be safe enough to follow and sustain to

An Example of a 3 Days Detox

For 3 days start your morning with a mixture of warm water and lime. The acid in the lime stimulates the gastric system which sets the overall detoxification process. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is vital part of detoxification; it flushes out all the unwanted toxins in the body. Eat only raw fruit and vegetables the whole day. To the end of the day drink a cup of tea, this will act as a tonic for the liver and kidneys.

This is only an example of a 3 days detox; you can follow any other detoxification plan but make sure you stay healthy and safe. There are possible changes you can experience within the 3 day period such as nausea, frequent bowel movement, lightheadedness and headache. These are the usual side effects of the detox plan, however you must know how much is too much, consult a physician when this manifestations persist.