Gwen Stefani’s Secret: Has She Gone Under The Knife

Many of you might have been thinking whether Gwen Stefani has gone under the knife or not, but the changes on her appearance are undeniable. If you are one of those who want to find out the truth, then let’s take a look at these pictures.

As you age, your appearance will be inevitably changed. That is no doubt about it. Gwen first started as the lead singer of No Doubt in 90s. However, despite being forty-five years old with three kids, she also has other impressive jobs: designer, songwriter, coach etc. Now let’s check out how she has changed herself over the years.

1st from a picture taken in 1996 when Gwen was a singer rising to fame:

Gwen's Picture 1996

We cannot help but realize that Gwen’s nose is a lot wider than now. It’s not like her nose was unattractive at that time. Well, could this be her first nose job? Gwen’s appearance was changed again in 1997:

Gwen's Picture 1997

Perhaps this is the angle problem, but this picture from 1997 looks almost the same compared to the present. However, it’s a bit narrower compared to the first picture, but we dare say it’s still not the same nose. OK let’s check out another picture of Gwan in 1998:

Gwen's Picture 1998

It’s very hard to come to a conclusion that whether Gwen had done plastic surgery or not, but her fascinating bindi, brows and dark lipstick continued to fascinate us till she got a new appearance in 2001:

Gwen's Picture 2001

We all really missed her looks from the early 00s. Gwen’s looks were very unique, and her blonde hair became her signature too. In 2003, she often went out with her red lips. Let’s check out this picture taken from 2003:

Gwen's Picture 2003

At that time, she was thirty-four years old and slowly turning into a sophisticated beauty. Now let’s check out her nose in 2004:

Gwen's Picture 2004

Her nose certainly looks different. It’s more beautiful, refined and narrower. However her nose looks, we do think her face seems different than before, but we cannot point out the difference with certainty. Perhaps, it’s her brows and forehead. And again, you may notice her brows looks lifted and higher while her forehead is unbelievably smooth compared to 2001 picture. Is this the work of Botox? By 2006, her style was getting really popular even among the celebrities:

Gwen's Picture 2006

We love watching her fresher skin and low-key makeup. This picture clearly shows the effect of the Botox. Next year again 2007, her brows look different:

Gwen's Picture 2007

It’s probably that she just eased up on the Botox. Her skin still looks extremely beautiful and smooth. Finally, Gwen turned 40 in 2009:

Gwen's Picture 2009

She is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s still wonderful to see her looking more and more beautiful. Lastly, this picture from Dec 2014:

Gwen's Picture 2014

We just do not have an answer that why so many celebrities and people get on Nicole Kidman. Her new looks are seriously giving us the Kidman vibes. It would have been better if she didn’t choose to go under the knife.